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Search engine optimisation, otherwise known as website optimisation or search engine marketing is the approach every company needs to ensure it's internet marketing success. Response Mechanix are your ideal experienced partner to assist your company in this process.
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DNS Overview

This section will give you a general overview on the Domain Name Service. If your domain is already delegated to ThredboNet Marketing Pty Ltd's DNS servers, go to the Map Domain Page to complete the server side setup. If not please follow the instructions below on how to transfer your domain to ThredboNet Marketing Pty Ltd.

What is DNS?
DNS (Domain Name Service) is the means by which you are able to type in an easily remembered name in order to go to the internet address (URL) that you wish, instead of trying to remember an IP (Internet Protocol) address (which is a number). The DNS "resolves" the name to a number then homes in on the site.

Does it cost extra to host a domain name with ThredboNet Marketing Pty Ltd ?
No, you have 2 choices:

  1. You can use the subdomain given to you when you join as your own domain. For example:

  2. You can have your own Domain Name hosted for example:

My domain is registered. How do I map it my new ThredboNet Marketing Pty Ltd account ?
If you registered your domain outside of ThredboNet Marketing Pty Ltd you need to go to your DNS Authorities website and have the domain transferred from the existing host to ThredboNet Marketing Pty Ltd using the following DNS's.

Primary Server Hostname....:
Primary Server Netaddress..:
Secondary Server Hostname..:
Secondary Server Netaddress:

Once the domain is transferred to ThredboNet Marketing Pty Ltd's DNS servers, go to the Map Domain Page to complete the setup of your domain. To check on the status of your transfer, use the tracking number and instructions that you received in the mail from the DNS Authority. If you did not receive this message or have lost the number, you can go to your DNS providers web site and type your domain name into the box. This will let you see your host record. ThredboNet Marketing Pty Ltd will NOT complete the server side setup of your domain until the host record shows that the DNS is set up for: : :

Does ThredboNet Marketing Pty Ltd host anything other than the top level domains?
Yes. Any domain currently available on the internet can be hosted with ThredboNet Marketing Pty Ltd.

How do I host a non US based domain?
Some domain name service authorities will not allow the registration/application of the domain name before the server side setup of the domain is completed in this case you should map your domain before the delegation request.